So, with a fanfiction wiki, the rules are a bit different than those you would find on most wikis. But some things never change.


The pages on this wiki are the creative property of the people who created them. Anyone who edits someone else's page when the other person has not given explicit permission will be given one warning. Another vandalism will result in a one week ban. If a third vandalism occurs, that person will be IP banned, with no chance of appeal.

2. No Innapropriate ContentEdit

Dragonvale is a kids's game. As such, the wiki shall prohibit anything innapropriate. This ranges from offensive language to inappropriate photos. Swearing gives 3 warnings, then a one week ban, then a one month ban, then a permanent ban. Inappropriate photo bans will be determined based on the photo. Any sexual photos will result in an IP Ban.

3. Page titles must end with the username of the creator.Edit

This rule is in place so people with ideas with the same name can create pages independent of each other, without overwriting the other page. Any pages without the username at the end will be given one week's notice before removal.

4. No real content is to be posted on this wiki.Edit

Dragonvale Fanfiction Wiki is intented for fanfiction only. For real game content, see Dragonvale Wiki at

5. Should a fan concept come true in Dragonvale, do NOT edit the fan page to match.Edit

Most fanfiction stays fanfiction. However, there are occasions when an update with the same name as a fanfiction page is added to the game. If this occurs, do not update the fanfiction page to match the real information. Doing so will be treated as vandalism.